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wood decorated with scenes of tourist sites while browsing through antique malls with transfer ware scenes of landmarks, this Scottish wooden ware dates from He made the knuckles of the snuff box’s hinge form alternately from those of.

The Old Jewellery Box Shop. The majority of our boxes are made of wood, from beautiful varieties including Walnut, Rosewood, Mahogany, Satinwood, Oak and Olive Wood. Some are finely detailed with forms of birds and insects, such as beautiful Swallows and Butterflies, and some have beautiful organic subjects such as Roses, Pansies and Forget Me Not’s. Some will have been beautifully refurbished by our wonderful skilled box restorer!

Most of our boxes come with their original locks and keys. This is free of charge and you are not obliged to purchase the boxes we find for you.

How to Determine the Age of Antique Furniture

Lockable hinged lid – but key not present. Size: Approx mm x mm x 75mm 8. Condition: Pre-owned, used.

Mar 26, – Paint decorated document box with a date of Measures h x 12 w x 6 d inches.

From the beginning of time, humans have needed a way to transport their personal belongings from one place to the next. Hunter-gatherers were obviously limited in what they could carry, due to the fact that they were doing just that: carrying their possessions. With the invention of the wheel came a brand new form of transportation that opened many doors in terms of what people could own and transport with them, and thus they needed new ways of carrying them.

Chests and trunks date back to at least medieval times, but really gained momentum in the Victorian Era, starting around the s. At this point, we should point out the difference between a chest and a trunk. While trunks were mainly used for traveling and transporting possessions from point A to point B, chests are generally considered fixed and permanent pieces of furniture, usually used for storing things such as blankets and assorted bedding. For this reason, chests can be more ornate, while trunks have a more practical form of decoration.

Like many things in the Victoria period, trunks started out with a pretty simplistic design and grew to be much more intricately designed. Initially composed as just a lockable, wooden box with a paper-lined interior either decorative paper or something simple like newspaper , trunks soon came to be covered in leather, paper, canvas and some form of metal hardware e. Although trunks were often used by people when they traveled by carriage, they became truly ubiquitous between the s and s, solidifying their position in history and paving the way for our continued interest and their continued use.

Flat-Topped : Pretty self-explanatory, these trunks had mostly flat tops and were primarily used for travel, as they were easy to stack and store on trains, ships and carriages.

Antique wooden boxes

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When you want to refinish old wooden furniture, the best place to look is the family storeroom: Check the attic, The finish on the wood can also date the piece.

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10 pieces vintage wooden boxes

If you are trying to determine the age of a piece of American antique furniture , it will require investigative work. Look closely at the the different elements that make the piece of furniture. Examine the level of work that went into the furniture from the joinery, finishing, knobs, and more. Study the materials used from the wood, fabric, and screws.

Image for Vintages Wooden Box – 1 Bottle Box from LCBO This Vintages-​branded wooden box is made from premium materials and includes on the bottle label due to the timing of changes in vintage dates or production lot codes.

Skip to main content Antique Wooden Boxes. In stock. It’s annoying having to take pills every morning but this box is a very nice way to store them. The height is just right so that the pillboxes stand on end and you can find the ones you want easily. Add to Basket. Approx Length 35cm by sd. Currently unavailable. Amazing,this is my second box now that I have ordered,it looks so nice every one that has seen it loves it, it looks more expensive than it is, so it’s well worth the money, I highly recommend this item for both adults and children for either boy or girl.

See All Buying Options. I was very happy with this product. It came boxed and bubble wrapped,so no damage would have occured during transit. The box itself is lovely the work that has gone into it is amazing.

Small Antique Wooden Box

I recently read an article on the Internet about sewing cabinets, and I would like to know more about mine. In the early s in Paisley, Scotland, the Clark brothers, who repaired and maintained looms, developed a way to make cotton thread. Meanwhile, James Coats, also in Paisley, opened a cotton mill to make his own thread. Coats and Clark Thread Co.

S/ Antique Treen 19th Century Olive Wood Box. Circa S/ Antique Treen 18th Century Carved Boxwood Snuff Box. French Circa Sold​.

Get an unrestricted access to all the blog and those extraodinary functions that can help your business grow in a continuously changing industry. The modern and alternative look of that shoe store in Curitiba does not let you suspect its retrofit made just a few modifications to the original design. With a simple design approach and without major investments, transform this antique house into a colorful space. In addition, they came up with wooden boxes coated with ceramic tiles that are used as product displayers.

That allows the store to have many layout settings when moving the displays, bringing new air to the interior every time a new collection arrives. Colors also stand out in the project.

Antique Wooden Boxes

Whether you are looking for a one of a kind gift for your sweetheart or something extremely unique for your home office these antique examples of woodworking exhibit American craftsmanship at its best. You must be logged in to post a comment. Email Address. Contact Us!

Antique wooden box with hand painted colonial Crest. Early Americana style with a great look. Crest was added at a later date. Antique Wooden BoxesEarly.

Q: In our grandfather’s attic, we found dozens of old cigar boxes and would like to know how to find out if they have any value. Is there a market for such boxes or a cigar box collector we can contact? A: The value of a cigar box depends on its age, brand name of cigars, size, whether the box or container has an unusual shape, the theme or subject matter of the label, historical factors if any, condition, completeness and rarity. Cigar industry historian Tony Hyman has collected cigar boxes for 40 years and has more than 4, Hyman wrote the only book on the subject, “Handbook of American Cigar Boxes,” which includes a price guide as well as illustrations and descriptions of cigar boxes.

To get the brochure, send an addressed, stamped business-size envelope. It also tells how to date cigar boxes and how to get them appraised free. You may phone Mr. Hyman at between 11 a. Desirable cigar boxes along with their descriptions and the prices they fetched at auction are included in Mr. Hyman’s catalog, “The World of Smoking and Tobacco.

Among the cigar boxes pictured in the catalog is a pair of boxes from the election campaign, one of which depicts Harrison and Morton the Republican winners of the election and the other Cleveland and Thurman the losing Democrats. Selected questions will appear in her column.

Clues to Dating Antiques #3